John, aged 41, came to the Waltham Abbey hub at a low period in his life where his anxiety and depression was getting worse due to his personal financial circumstances.

John’s partner had left him and he was raising two primary aged children by himself and living in a one bedroomed property. He constantly worried he wasn’t doing enough for his children and they would become homeless and this escalation in his mental health conditions meant he had been unable to work.

During his first visit he was accepted by the mental health team to receive one to one coaching. His financial situation was also improved by getting John access to the child benefit that was still being paid to his ex partner, getting him on the housing list to bid for larger properties, accessing benefits he was entitled to and implementing debt repayment plans. 

All of this took time, but John kept going as he felt supported and said it was easy to visit us as we were on the way home after dropping the children to school.

He has now reached a place where he feels strong enough to return to work part time and his anxiety levels have reduced as he has just enough income to manage his day to day living costs. This improvement has meant he can now see a brighter future for him and his children and he knows he can always come back if he starts to struggle again.