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Citizens Advice Membership

We are members of the National Citizens Advice Service (CitA) which  works to meet the needs of clients, by providing advice and advocacy across England, Wales and the Channel Islands.

We choose to be part of the Citizens Advice service because this is the best way to help our clients. Our membership brings shared insight, experience, tools, resources and effort, and together we can achieve far more than we could on our own. When things go wrong we learn. We benefit from local expertise and flexibility, combined with national scale, influence and infrastructure.


Advice Quality Standard

The Advice Quality Standard (AQS) is awarded to organisations that give advice to members of the public on legal issues. Organisations are audited every two years and have to demonstrate they are accessible, effectively managed, and employ staff with the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of their clients.


Financial Conduct Authority (617601)

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the consumer credit industry. Each individual local Citizens Advice must be authorised (licensed) by the FCA. The charity must continue to meet the FCA standards after they have been authorised and must present an annual return as part of this monitoring procedure.