About Us

Epping Forest District Citizens Advice has three offices in each of the major towns of the District.  Epping, Loughton and Waltham Abbey. Our first office opened in Epping in 1951 by the Women’s Voluntary Service. The Loughton office then followed in 1972 by Rev’d Vine of St Mary’s Church and later Waltham Abbey office was opened in 1979 by the Waltham Abbey Town Council. In 2008 all 3 offices merged into one District Office but retained their presence in the 3 towns.

We also have an outreach at Ongar Library, Limes Farm, Norway House and Waltham Abbey Health Clinic.

We offer Foodbank Vouchers to those in need after an initial assessment where we find ways to prevent them needing Foodbank vouchers.

We are a Hate Crime reporting centre and Domestic abuse reporting centre.

Every year we see on average 2,500 clients and help them with over 8,500 issues. Clients come to us with a range of issues which can be more than one issue and very complexed. We try and help everyone find a way forward out of the problems they face.

We have a small number of paid staff to ensure continuity and quality of service. We would not be able to deliver our service without the support of some 60 volunteers who dedicate at least 2 days a week to helping local residents with their problems.

Our advice goes through rigorous checks to ensure that we are not giving out the wrong advice and that it is of the highest standard and quality that our clients can rely and trust in.