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Citizens Advice Epping Forest District Cookie Policy

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Citizens Advice Epping Forest District Privacy Policy

At Citizens Advice Epping Forest we collect and use your personal information to help solve your problems, improve our services and tackle wider issues in society that affect people’s lives.

We only ask for the information we need. We always let you decide what you’re comfortable telling us, explain why we need it and treat it as confidential.

When we record and use your personal information we:

At times we might use or share your information without your permission. If we do, we’ll always make sure there’s a legal basis for it. This could include situations where we have to use or share your information:

We handle and store your personal information in line with the law - including the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.

You can check our main Citizens Advice policy for how we handle most of your personal information. This page covers how we, as your local charity, handle your information locally in our offices.

How Citizens Advice Epping Forest District collects your data

We obtain permission to collect your data through our consent form which all our clients complete. We collect your data through a number of avenues

What Citizens Advice Epping Forest District ask for

We’ll only ask for information that’s relevant to your problem. Depending on what you want help with, this might include:

If you don’t want to give us certain information, you don’t have to. For example, if you want to stay anonymous we’ll only record information about your problem and make sure you’re not identified. To find out what information we ask for, see our national Citizens Advice privacy policy

How Citizens Advice Epping Forest District uses your information

The main reason we ask for your information is to help solve your problem. We only access your information for other reasons if we really need to – for example:

To find out how we use your information, see our national Citizens Advice privacy policy.

Working on your behalf

When you give us authority to act on your behalf, for example to help you with a Universal Credit claim, we’ll need to share information with that third party.

We may share information with The Epping Forest District Council, Department for Works and Pensions(DWP), Her Majesty Revenue and Customs(HMRC), Utility companies, Credit Card and Loan companies, Banks, GP Practices, local solicitors and Housing Associations to act on behalf of clients.

How Citizens Advice Epping Forest District stores your information

Whether you get advice face to face, over the phone or by email, our adviser will log all your information, correspondence, and notes about your problem into our secure case management system – called Casebook. No data is stored outside of the European Union. We keep your information for 6 years. If your case has been subject to a serious complaint, insurance claim or other dispute we keep the data for 16 years.

We utilize G Suite for email and local storage of shared spreadsheets needed to manage our service – for example, local charity donations, anonymized statistics, anonymized case studies, staff and volunteer contact details. These accounts are administered by National Citizens Advice that have agreed G Suite model contract clauses and data processing amendments. We store your information on our local IT Hard drive systems, on paper files in our offices

Locally, all staff use 2- step verification. Emails containing details about client problems are updated onto Case management systems and are deleted (within 1 month), emails containing information about appraisals, training and audit are held for a maximum of 6 years.

How Citizens Advice Epping Forest District shares your information

We may share information with The Epping Forest District Council, local solicitors and local Foodbank in paper form. We are in the process of introducing a new data sharing agreement with these organizations for the services we deliver and when and how we get consent.

Contact Citizens Advice Epping Forest District about your information

If you have any questions about how your information is collected or used, you can contact our office. Contact Citizens Advice Epping Forest District about your information Telephone: 01992 561 494, our drop in session times are Monday, Tuesday and Friday 10 am to 2 pm. Email:

You can contact us to:

Who’s responsible for looking after your personal information

The national Citizens Advice charity and your local Citizens Advice operate a system called Casebook to keep your personal information safe. This means they’re a ‘joint data controller’ for your personal information that’s stored in our Casebook system.

Each local Citizens Advice is an independent charity, and a member of the national Citizens Advice charity. The Citizens Advice membership agreement also requires that the use of your information complies with data protection law.

You can find out more about your data rights on the Information Commissioner’s website.